Spotify stops illegal downloading

November 10, 2009

It seems that the Swedish based music based streaming site, Spotify, actually discourages people from using illegal downloading sites, according to the comparison site

The research carried out by the site showed that sixty six per cent of those that have illegally downloaded content actually agreed that Spotify meant that they could get the content that they want in a way that they want.

Because the Spotify site is legal, this means that illegally downloading content is becoming less popular and so this should be an example to the music industry.

Spotify is a service that allows users to make up their own playlists and even share these with other users as they get their own URL.

There is advertising as with any other commercial venture.

However, for just 99p, users can buy a day of ad free music or alternatively for £10 per month the user can look forward to ad free listening.


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