BBC’s iPlayer wins award

November 12, 2009

The iPlayer from the BBC is almost two years old and is still amazing people with it ease of use.

Its popularity is shown by the five hundred million requests to view BBC content that the device has received in the two years since it was launched.

At the 2009 Royal Television Society Innovation Awards, the iPlayer received the Judges Award for showing great vision.

According to the chair of the awards, Jeff Henry, the BBC delivered a great Christmas present to the UK with the launch of the iPlayer and they have not looked back since.

He even went on to compare this innovation with other great inventions such as the steam engine, jet engine and Viagra.

Yes, he really said that!

It is true that the iPlayer set the ball rolling on this platform and to the BBC’s credit the device has been changed and tweaked, allowing it to keep attracting more users.


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