Microsoft Adds New Anti-Piracy Protection to Windows Mobile Marketplace

November 13, 2009

Everybody knows Microsoft’s stand on software piracy. That is why, it came to no surprise when they introduced a new way to combat piracy in their Windows Mobile Marketplace. Piracy is a simple yet complicated issue to tackle. That is why, users will have to expect a bit of confusion with Microsoft’s new anti-piracy updates.

These updates were release after a developer reported that he quickly found a simple way to circumvent the basic security mechanism that Microsoft implemented in the Windows Mobile Marketplace allowing him to share applications with anyone.

On Wednesday, Microsoft said it had introduced more advanced anti-piracy protection that uses license keys. Developers can choose to use the advanced mechanism or the simpler, original anti-piracy technology. Of course, the Windows Mobile Marketplace isn’t the only place where piracy is rampant. I definitely know for a fact that apps mobile platforms like the iPhone and Android can be pirated.

However, several forums have reported that some developers are struggling to figure out how to use the new security procedures. As mentioned, piracy is a delicate issue. It’s basically a cat-and-mouse game. If pirates really want to pirate an app, they can do so whatever security measure is placed there (so far).

The Windows Mobile Marketplace has gained a bit more than 100 new applications since it launched; it now has 368 available applications, according to the new site. Microsoft boasts that there are 18,000 applications available for Windows Mobile users, but developers of those programs don’t appear overly eager to add them to the Marketplace.


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