Wolfram teams up with Bing

November 13, 2009

Bing, the search service from Microsoft, has made a slight impact on the market but is still is nowhere near putting the frighteners on the search giant Google.

However, a new alliance with that other search engine once hailed as being a real threat to Google, Wolfram Alpha, could help Bing hit the search market with a bang.

Wolfram Alpha provides a different sort of search result as it answers certain questions with links that should provide a real answer.

For the question “How can we beat Google”, the answer would be “?”.

Initially this will be rolled out in the US, where Bing has been marginally successful, with its market share hitting 9.57 per cent.

For the time being Wolfram Alpha will be used to answer specific questions on subjects such as Health, Nutrition and Maths.


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