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November 17, 2009

Palm Releases WebOS 1.3.1; Breaks iTunes Sync Capabilities

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by Franz Bicar

Palm’s cat-and-mouse relationship with Apple and its iTunes multimedia manager is finally over. WebOS 1.3.1, Palm’s latest update for the Pre and Pixi smartphones, has eliminated or didn’t include Palm iTunes sync. Some will say that Apple won, but who knows? It could be that Palm is preparing its own iTune-like application with the same ecosystem as Apple’s.

The free update weighs in at 126MB and brings with it dozens of tiny Palm Pre and Palm Pixi tweaks that improve the Palm experience. The biggest updates center on Yahoo! services, including contact and calendar sync, and Yahoo! IM messenger. You can now also forward, copy text, and delete IMs and text messages by simply tapping on a menu. YouTube videos natively found on the mobile Web will now open in the dedicated YouTube app, and widescreen videos fill the handset rather than getting cropped.

Aside from these minor enhancements and some bug fixes, there are no new applications released with the 1.3.1 WebOS. In Palm’s statement, they said that this release addresses several security issues with Palm WebOS software.

Story link: Palm Releases WebOS 1.3.1; Breaks iTunes Sync Capabilities

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