Suspected Zbot hackers arrested

Darren Allan

November 19, 2009

Two suspected computer hackers, allegedly behind the infamous Zbot trojan, have been arrested in Manchester.

Zbot or ZeuS as it’s also known is a piece of malware which targets financial information, such as credit card numbers and online banking passwords, on a computer it has infected.

It also grabs info such as social networking site passwords, so the hackers can attempt to use your profile to lure your friends into contracting the trojan.

As Graham Cluley, a security expert from Sophos explained: “It’s not just a single piece of malicious software – it’s a family with many different members, all adopting different disguises in their attempt to infect users, and steal information that could allow hackers to break into your bank account and social networking profiles.”

It’s particularly dangerous because it can even get around anti-virus software by preventing it from updating itself.

The pair are a man and woman, both aged 20. According to a BBC report, they’ve been questioned and bailed until March 2010, pending further investigation.


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