Twitter confirms commercial accounts

Darren Allan

November 23, 2009

Twitter has announced that it will be rolling out business accounts which it will charge for next year.

In an interview with the BBC, Co-founder Biz Stone stressed that the micro-blogging service would remain free at a fundamental level, on both personal and commercial fronts.

The paid-for commercial accounts would offer extra services. Talking to the BBC, Stone said “You will be able to pay for an additional layer of access to learn more about your Twitter account – get some feedback, some analytics, become a better ‘Twitterer’.”

Or a bigger twit, as we like to put it.

Stone also outlined revenue making plans from “licensing and syndication” schemes, such as deals with search engines Google and Bing.

All this, Stone no doubt hopes, will prove that Twitter can become a profit making enterprise, a goal which some critics aren’t sure the site can achieve despite its evident popularity.


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  1. John says:

    Yes, bigger twit sounds about right!

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