Datel initiates memory card lawsuit against Microsoft

Darren Allan

November 24, 2009

The peripheral producer Datel has filed a suit against Microsoft due to the company’s latest update for its Xbox 360 console.

The update rendered third-party memory cards such as those made by Datel incompatible with the X360.

Datel argues that this is unfair, and that “there is no benefit to consumers from Microsoft’s decision to target and disable Datel’s memory cards.”

“To the contrary, Microsoft’s actions will leave approximately 50,000 consumers with useless memory cards (and without the ability to access their data on the cards), forestall innovation, and deprive future consumers of the benefits of competition.”

It’s a fair point, and as the suit also states, Datel’s leading memory card provides four times as much capacity for the same retail price as the official Microsoft memory card.


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