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November 24, 2009

TalkTalk insists government’s plan breaches humans rights

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by David Allen

It seems that despite all the effort that the government is putting into the plan to stop the illegal downloading of copyrighted material, some internet service providers are still not on board.

One such ISP is TalkTalk and the company looks intent on not giving up the fight against the government’s plans to stop illegal filesharing.

TalkTalk appears to have a point.

The way it sees it is that anyone accused by a copyright holder is believed to be guilty, and even if there is some sort of court hearing, it seems that the broadband user has to prove their innocence rather than the other way around.

If TalkTalk carries out its plans, it will mean that it will not give up any of its customers’ details and will also refuse to disconnect any account without a court order.

Story link: TalkTalk insists government’s plan breaches humans rights

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