Nintendo Wii set for slump?

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Apparently things don’t look so rosy for the Nintendo Wii compared to the other big consoles.

At least according to a report in Gamasutra, which quotes an analyst from the Cowen Group as saying the “Wii bubble is deflating”.

The evidence for this? A survey which indicated that Wii owners are purchasing less games than they did a year ago, whereas X360 and PS3 owners plan to buy more titles.

That’s because they are “core” gamers, whereas the Wii players are more casual gaming fans who are less likely to splash out cash on games, with money being tight in the current recession.

Another snippet thrown up by the survey was that only a quarter of those who own multiple consoles including Nintendo’s consider the Wii to be their main system.

So will 2010 be the year of the slow decline of the Wii?

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