iPhone owners more likely to splash cash online

Darren Allan

November 26, 2009

New research has emerged which indicates that Apple iPhone users are more likely to cough up for online content.

The survey, conducted by Olswang, polled 1000 UK adults and 500 teenagers.

It emerged that 58% of the general population would be happy to pay to download a new film, and 40% would stump up dosh online for a film which is already out on DVD.

iPhone owners, however, produced significantly higher percentages of those willing to pay up. 73% and 54% respectively.

That’s because they’ve got money coming out of their ears, right?

Well, no. According to an article in the Guardian, the survey noted that while iPhone owners are generally more affluent, which adds something of a skew to the results, the difference wasn’t expected to be nearly that much.

The theory is that it’s so easy to buy on the iPhone, and users are so used to doing it, that they are more likely to take the plunge.


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