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November 27, 2009

BCS says majority of UK citizens not tech-savvy

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by Darren Allan

The British Computer Society (BCS) reckons that 80% of Brits aren’t “IT savvy”.

And as a result the BCS has launched a website to help people get the most out of computers and the Internet.

What exactly is the definition of an IT savvy person, anyway? Well, if you visit the website at, there’s a quiz you can take to find out whether or not you’re in the top 20% savvy bracket.

Basically it’s all about whether you’re the sort of person who will share photos with family and friends using Facebook, or whether you’d print them off and mail them by post.

We took the quiz and it failed to give us a result at the end. Which we took to mean that we’re so savvy, we were off the scale and broke the application. Ahem.

Elizabeth Sparrow, President of the BCS, commented: “Unless all members of society are made aware of how they can access and use information in their daily lives, the significant proportion of Britons who are failing to realise the benefits of information technology will persist.”

“This is not just a question of access: information-savvy citizens also know how to use information and information technology to their advantage.”

Story link: BCS says majority of UK citizens not tech-savvy

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