BBC iPlayer won’t be coming to Xbox 360 yet

Darren Allan

November 30, 2009

Apparently the BBC and Microsoft have clashed over bringing the former’s iPlayer catch-up TV service to the X360 console.

The Telegraph reports that “sources close to the BBC’s Future Media and Technology department” have said the two parties can’t agree on the issue of charging for the service.

Microsoft wants to make the iPlayer only available to its paying Xbox Live gold members, whereas the BBC feels this is incompatible with its “public service remit”.

British viewers are already paying for BBC content via their TV license, so why should console owners have to pay again?

Microsoft is apparently not for budging, though, so it seems like there’s no danger of the iPlayer coming to the X360 in the short term.

Whether they’ll be able to work this wrangle out at all is questionable, from the sound of things.


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  1. paul says:

    Glad the BBC are being strong willed about this -they do have a public service commitment.

    You already have to pay MS a windows tax just to use your PC.

    I surprised MS would even consider the iPlayer given its use of flash over the terrible MS silverlight technology.

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