Diamond studded Apple iPhone becomes world’s most pricey mobile

Darren Allan

November 30, 2009

If you thought the bog standard iPhone was expensive, then hold on to your gold-plated hats, as a British designer has created an even pricier version.

The price for this iPhone 3GS Supreme? Almost £2 million quid.

That’s because it comes with a case made of solid 22 carat gold, it’s studded with the best part of 200 flawless diamonds (the Apple logo is made up of 53 of these), and the front button is a single whacking great 7 carat diamond.

Presumably the owner, a rich Australian apparently, will get a pretty generous tariff thrown in for his two million smackers.

Whether he dares actually take it out in public is another question. People get mugged for their normal iPhones as it is.


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  1. Steve C says:

    “DESIGNER”???? He stuck a bunch of diamonds on someone ELSE’S design (the iPhone) and had a gold case made. Hell, even I could do that. What i want to know is how it took him 10 months to complete! He ought to get a real job!!!!

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