Sony’s 3DTV plans coming into focus

December 2, 2009

The electrical product maker, Sony, has announced that it will be rolling out brand new 3D enabled televisions during 2010 and these will be joined by 3D technology being installed into Blu-ray players, laptops and PS3s.

The beauty of this for Sony is that the estimated cost of including 3D technology into any of these devices, including the LCD TVs, is relatively cheap and this is great for the consumer too.

According to the manufacturer may even be including some free 3D glasses in the deal.

Of course, the main winner would be BSkyB’s 3D Channel and the worry will be whether consumers will go out and a buy a 3D television.

If the price is in line with current TV prices then no doubt 3D TVs will become the hit item of 2010.


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