Cartoon Network broke junk food rules

December 8, 2009

The media regulator Ofcom has come down on the children’s digital TV channel, the Cartoon Network, in a non-cartoon sort of way.

The trouble centres around advertising and in particular the advertising of junk food during programmes that are meant for kids, which is just about all of the content on the Cartoon Network.

The regulator found that there were several programmes that had been sponsored by makers of products that are high in fat or sugar, such as Haribo (sweets), Choco Krispies (cereal) and Nesquik (milk flavouring powder).

One sponsorship credit for the milk flavouring product Nesquik contained an advertising messages that concerned Ofcom.

The strange thing is about this case, is that the programmes were actually shown in Spain, but because the Cartoon Network is based in the UK it is Ofcom’s job to take on the role of enforcing the rules.


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