Panasonic launches Freeview enabled TV

December 9, 2009

If a consumer wanted a television with built-in Freesat they used to have only one choice, Panasonic, but this year that exclusive deal ended and opened up the door for LG and Sony, while Panasonic’s brand was stuck in the middle with nowhere to go.

The launch of the L32V10 is part of the V10 range and instead of just carrying Freesat, Panasonic has decided to build in a Freeview tuner too, which could offer the best of both worlds.

Including the Freeview tuner in the L32V10 LCD television opens up a larger market place because not everyone has a spare satellite dish hanging around waiting for Freesat to be connected to it.

Furthermore the L32V10 also has a built in Ethernet port, which is great for connection to the home broadband network, although there is not much content around yet!


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