Humax intros UK’s first Freeview HD STB

December 10, 2009

The set top box maker, Humax, has unveiled its new Freeview HD T2.

This is being marketed as the first Freeview HD set top box available in the UK, and should be available in the stores sometime during the early part of next year.

The race is on between Humax and Toshiba to bring out the first Freeview HD set top box in the UK or so they think, because there is additional competition from 3View and even the television maker Cello to get the first Freeview service in HD on the shelves.

The Humax set top box will also include the BBC’s iPlayer, which seems to be a major selling point for the next generation of set top boxes.

Will the first Freeview HD box be the winner or will it be down to what these boxes have to offer?


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