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December 14, 2009

Amazon Kindle app arrives on UK iPhone

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by Darren Allan

Apple iPhone owners will now be able to use Amazon‘s Kindle on their handset via an app.

The e-reader app will let them purchase the latest novels from the Kindle store, and read them on their smartphone, selecting font sizes and the number of words visible on each line.

It will also allow iPhone users to access the previews in the Kindle store, so you can read before you buy.

If you own a Kindle e-reading device as well, the app will sync this up with the iPhone, so you can pick up reading where you left off on either, and switch freely between the two mediums.

Of course, the big bonus of the iPhone app is that it allows you to read in colour. Albeit on a much smaller screen, of course…

The Kindle app has been available in the States since the beginning of this year, and has now gone worldwide in sixty countries including the UK.

Story link: Amazon Kindle app arrives on UK iPhone

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  1. iphone applications are best but again people are comparing Android with apple but no one is talking about Nokia’s OS as they are making Nokia Aeon www. domesticutilities.com/aeon.htm and bringing some very nice applications

    Comment by khan — December 16, 2009 @ 8:29 am

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