Sony Ericsson Elm and Hazel “green” phones unveiled

Darren Allan

December 14, 2009

Sony Ericsson has announced two new green phones. And green doesn’t refer to their colour, but rather the fact that they’re environmentally friendly.

In fact, the units are so green, they’re named after trees: The Elm and Hazel. Conjures images of a vibrant, shimmering emerald forest, does it not? (Not that you’d get any reception there).

What makes them green phones, exactly? Well, they are produced entirely with recycled materials, using no hazardous chemicals, and minimal packaging.

A couple of eco-friendly type apps are thrown in too, such as WalkMate, which encourages walking instead of, for example, driving to the shop just down the road.

In terms of spec, the Hazel will come with a 2.6 inch screen, a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, 3G and wi-fi. The Elm will have a similar spec, but with a smaller 2.2 inch screen, and it will be slightly lighter.

It’s nice to see Sony Ericsson branching out into new fields, at any rate. Both phones will be on sale early to middle next year.


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