Nintendo Zii to succeed the Wii?

Darren Allan

December 15, 2009

Nintendo has patented a new trademark over in Japan – “Zii” – leading to speculation that this could be the name of the company’s next console.

Siliconera spotted the filing of the trademark yesterday, noting that Nintendo actually put the paperwork through on October 30th.

The Zii could be an entirely new piece of hardware, a fresh console, or it could be an upgraded version of the Wii.

Or it could just be nothing, it’s all rumours at the moment with Nintendo staying predictably tight lipped.

On the face of it, Zii sounds like a pretty silly name for a console, but then so was Wii. At least the Zii doesn’t sound like slang for someone taking a leak.

If the Zii console does get launched, you can but wonder what will be next.

The Nintendo Mii, for selfish and self-obsessed gamers? The Pii, for mathematicians? Or the Qii, with built-in Twitter functionality for avid Stephen Fry fans.


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  1. Spurs Si says:

    Zii is trademarked in most countries already so Nintendo probably on a loser here already… check it’s a chip maker for mobile(s) and other electronic stuff

  2. Shadow says:

    From news

    Zii, Yii And Oii Among Trademarks Filed By Nintendo? - MTV News

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