O2 brings LTE trial to Slough

Darren Allan -

O2 (in conjunction with Huawei) has announced that it has brought LTE (or 4G, the fourth generation mobile network) to the people of Slough.

Or the people lucky enough to be involved in their high-speed Long Term Evolution trial, that is.

Each of them has been given a dongle to access the 4G network on their laptops and PCs, as no mobiles support the technology as yet, of course.

LTE offers real world performance surfing speeds of something in the order of ten times as fast as 3G.

Boasting lower ping times as well, it should bring online gaming and indeed quality video streaming to those on the move. The cries of those being fragged in a deathmatch may take over from loud mobile phone calls as the major annoyance in train carriages.

However, one small trial is but a start, and it will be quite some time before a full 4G network is up and operational in this country.

Yesterday, TeliaSonera announced its 4G networks located in Oslo and Stockholm, which it claims will be the first full LTE networks in the world when they spark up early 2010.

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