Sky pulls out of YouTube deal

December 17, 2009

Just when it looked like BSkyB was about to do a deal making content available, free of charge, on the user generated site YouTube, it seems that the satellite broadcaster has had a change of heart and walked away from the deal.

Clearly there is more to this than just content.

It is well known that Rupert Murdoch is unhappy with Google, having called the search firm a few unpleasant names in the past over the distribution of News Corp content through Google’s search engine.

At one point it seemed that BSkyB was well on the way to agreeing terms with YouTube, which would have seen full length versions of Sky TV shows being viewed without subscription or any other payment and that has to be the issue, money!


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  1. Shadow says:

    Not a fan of BSkyB. Ofcourse they are in it for the money but stuff like Project Canvas where Sky keep intruding is annoying for everyone.

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