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December 18, 2009

Golden Nintendo Wii breaks the bank at £300,000

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by Darren Allan

Remember the Liverpool based designer who produced the gold and diamond studded iPhone last month?

Well Stuart Hughes has been at it again, giving the Goldfinger treatment to the Nintendo Wii console.

The Nintendo Wii Supreme has been crafted with 2.5Kg of 22 carat gold, and the front buttons are studded with 78 flawless diamonds to a total of 19.5 carats.

Only three have been produced, and it’s labelled as the world’s most expensive games console with a price of £300,000.

It’s certainly a lot to pay for a golden Wii (there’s a joke there, but we’re not going to touch it with a bargepole).

The company doesn’t specify whether you get gold plated peripherals with the console. Presumably not, but you’d imagine the normal plastic ones would seem rather out of place when coupled with this blinged up beast.

Story link: Golden Nintendo Wii breaks the bank at £300,000

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  1. I think it is incredibly important that products like this exist so that the biggest dicks in society have something to splash their wealth on.

    They should publish the names and personal details of people that buy them so they can be lynched by the general public.

    Utterly ridiculous, pointless, tasteless and frankly offensive.

    Comment by Alan — December 18, 2009 @ 10:13 pm

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