Scrapping the TV Licence could save the BBC

December 22, 2009

Could scrapping the TV licence fee really be the solution to making the BBC a stronger and better broadcaster?

The former Director General of BBC, Greg Dyke, thinks so and is not holding back in telling the world why.

Being a former BBC man, he is not suggesting a clean cut from the TV Licence, but instead of being funded by the public through the TV Licence, he thinks the BBC should be funded by the public through general taxation.

This would mean saving the cost of the collection of the TV Licence revenues, estimated to be around £100 million per year.

However the BBC being funded directly through the government looks like state funded broadcasting and would mean an increase in taxes somewhere along the line for the average person in the street.


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  1. Sao Paulo says:

    If the BBC is as great as they and their supporters make out then make it a voluntary subscription service. This way those who want it pay for it and it should do better than ever if you believe what they tell you!

  2. Sao Paulo says:

    Well my comment about this was removed so make sure you only post pro BBC comments

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