BBC iPlayer sets record viewing figures last month

Darren Allan

December 23, 2009

Since its launch two years ago, the BBC iPlayer has gathered some considerable momentum.

Which is aptly illustrated by some figures the Beeb has just released for its on-demand service, showing it has served some 730 million requests for TV and radio programmes in total.

November of this year proved the busiest month ever, and with 88 million requests it set a new record.

The BBC also revealed the most watched programme of 2009 on the iPlayer – Top Gear, one episode of which was streamed 1.7 million times.

When it came to the most popular time to watch the streamed broadcasts, Auntie reckons that it’s after 9pm, and on weekend mornings.

Apparently Mac users prefer comedy shows, while PC users are more keen on drama. Which is strange; using a PC generally provides enough drama in your life, wondering when it’s going to crash next.


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