JVC joins RealD for 3D tech

December 24, 2009

The electronics giants JVC and Sony have signed up with the 3D HDTV manufacturer, RealD Stereoscopic 3D Technology, in order to integrate this technology into their products.

RealD provides a 1080p 3D image to both eyes.

It is the same system being used by Blu-ray which should be obvious considering that Sony are involved in this technology rollout.

People who have watched a 3D film at the cinema would have seen it in RealD technology.

In fact the current estimate is that the 3D technology has already been used by around a hundred million cinema goers.

This partnership will see promotion of RealD as a popular format to be used across the 3D HDTV sector, however that is not to say that another technology is not going come along later.


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