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December 29, 2009

3D TV glasses could cost at least £35 a pair

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by David Allen

With different formats available to broadcasters to provide a 3D HDTV service, consumers are going to be faced with additional costs.

This could mean a set top box, a new 3D HDTV enabled television and, of course, the polarised glasses that act as shutters for the eyes, thus enabling the 3D effect to take place.

It is the glasses that could make or break 3D HDTV.

Currently costs are estimated to start at £35 a pair, which is fine for single viewers but when it comes to a family of four or more the issue comes down to cost.

The glasses are battery powered and will be recharged via a USB port or some sort of charger, but is this a deal breaker?

Story link: 3D TV glasses could cost at least £35 a pair

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