Nokia in second legal barrage against Apple

Darren Allan

January 5, 2010

Nokia has filed a second lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of infringing its patents.

The original suit that Nokia filed, back in October, alleged that Apple had trod on its toes and violated ten patents with the iPhone.

This second legal barrage claims that Apple “infringes Nokia patents in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, and computers.”

It specifically mentions seven patents in the fields of power management technology, cameras and its user interface, amongst others.

“Nokia has been the leading developer of many key technologies in small electronic devices,” said Paul Melin, General Manager, Patent Licensing at Nokia.

“This action is about protecting the results of such pioneering development. While our litigation in Delaware is about Apple’s attempt to free-ride on the back of Nokia investment in wireless standards, the ITC case filed today is about Apple’s practice of building its business on Nokia’s proprietary innovation.”

The claws are indeed well and truly out.


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