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January 8, 2010

Light Touch touchscreen projector revealed at CES

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by Darren Allan

One of the gadgets that’s getting a lot of gossip going at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is the mini-projector that could potentially replace your laptop.

The Light Touch is a clever portable device which can project a 10 inch touchscreen onto any flat surface. It uses a holographic laser projector, and infrared sensors to detect touch.

Created by Light Blue Optics, it can be used to type on via a projected Qwerty keyboard, or as a gesture driven interface like a smartphone.

While the product is still in development, the reaction at CES has seemingly been very positive, with many surprised by the accuracy that the Light Touch’s detection hardware achieves.

It comes with wi-fi, bluetooth and 2GB of memory built-in, and the Light Touch just could be one of those gadgets that revolutionises the technological world when it eventually emerges.

Light Blue Optics hasn’t given a release date yet, projected or otherwise.

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