Orange drops Nokia N97 Mini

Darren Allan

January 8, 2010

Orange has apparently pulled the Nokia N97 Mini due to problems with the phone and high rates of return.

Return rates have reached 20%, according to Mobile News, and they reported Orange as stating: “We can confirm that Orange UK will no longer continue to range the N97 Mini as part of its existing handset portfolio.”

“We remain committed to supporting the device for existing customers and look forward to working with Nokia in the future.”

What seems odd is that other retailers, or indeed users, don’t appear to have reported having such problems with the device.


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  1. nick says:

    I understand, had this phone from phones4u on vodafone, had to return it three times and get three replacements all of which had the same glitches and issues. ended up exchanging for an hd2 and much happier than i ever was with the n97 mini

  2. Jacki says:


    I have a n97 mini - tried all the usual updates etc and finally returned it to phones4u for a replacement, only to find they won’t replace as I have been persevering for more than 28 days. Phones4u deny having a problem with the phone, contrary to many forums indicating otherwise and even an assistant in one of their shops suggested they are not a good company to do business with regarding aftersales. I would appreciate suggestions of where to go next as I’m dependent on my phone for business, so I’m less than impressed at the moment.

  3. Allyson says:

    email stopped working again

  4. Allyson says:

    i have had so many problems with my n97 mini wish i never got it

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