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January 15, 2010

3DTV Roadmap launched

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by David Allen

A group within the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has just released what they are calling a roadmap that outlines the future deployment of 3D technology to the general public.

The roadmap is made up of three sections:

Section one is the first gen 3D technology, which is where the 3D broadcast is delivered direct to the viewer’s television. However this image will require the viewer to wear polarised glasses.

Section two, the next generation of 3D technology, will still require the viewer wear glasses, but unlike with the first generation 3D, the viewer will be able to move the head and enjoy a more lifelike experience.]

Section three, is where it all gets exciting. This is where the viewer will be able to experience an effect that mimics actually being there.

The time line from section one to three will be around twenty years, with 2010 being year zero.

Story link: 3DTV Roadmap launched

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