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January 15, 2010

BBC accused of wasting money

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by David Allen

The BBC stands accused of wasting the TV Licence fee cash on trying to tempt a younger audience, by bidding on programming that is only going to appeal to this target sector.

According to an independent review, it seems that the BBC is almost obsessed with attracting the 16 to 35 age group and has not been afraid to spend the TV Licence fee money in order to do so.

The report mentions the amount the money that the BBC has spent on acquiring popular US series like Heroes, The Wire and Mad Men, while even in sport the BBC has paid huge sums for the FA Cup and F1, while cricket coverage has been ignored.

It is estimated that £3.5 billion a year is spent on content to attract the target age group and this is disproportionately high.

Story link: BBC accused of wasting money

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