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January 15, 2010

Swofties sign up for social networks

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by Darren Allan

Okay, the first question you’re probably asking here is: Who on Earth are the Swofties? (Or perhaps a less polite variant of this query).

Remember the Yuppies? That was a trendy abbreviation for those “young and upwardly mobile professional” cats with their filofaxes and Porsches in the eighties.

Swofties is a similar contemporary moniker which means: Single Women Over Fifty.

Apparently there are 600,000 Swofties in the UK, and they’ve never had it so good, according to a recent survey.

A notable proportion of them spend their time clubbing, travelling, and joining social networking sites, with a quarter of them saying they’ve never been so happy.

A fifth of them have signed up to sites such as Facebook and Twitter. About the same percentage who are dating, strangely enough.

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