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January 18, 2010

35% of Britons have no clue who Steve Jobs is

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by Darren Allan

So, Steve Jobs. Being informed TechWatch readers, you will all know he’s that Apple bloke – stop us if we’re getting too technical – but a surprising proportion of the UK’s population doesn’t.

This is according to a poll conducted by Lewis PR, which sought to find out how tech savvy the average Brit is.

When it came to Steve Jobs, 20% of the 1000 people quizzed admitted they didn’t have a clue.

Mind you, they came away less red-faced than the 10% who thought he was a trade union leader. Presumably they’ve heard the speeches about how we must always keep fighting for our “Jobs”, and assumed the trade unionists were talking about their leader.

Worse still, 5% thought Jobs was a lower league football player.

When it came to Tim Berners-Lee, credited as the architect of the web, 25% had never heard of him.

9% of respondents thought he was the head of MI5. (“The name’s Lee… Berners-Lee…”).

Among some of the more off-the-wall responses – and there were plenty – were the 10% who thought a dongle was a sex toy.

However, the percentage of people who gave these replies for a laugh isn’t recorded. But the survey still points to some worrying gaps in folk’s knowledge.

Perhaps the most surprising result, given the massive popularity of sites like Twitter and Facebook, is that 11% of UK citizens couldn’t name a single social networking site.

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