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January 19, 2010

3D HDTV glasses set to rock the marketplace

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by David Allen

While the talk at CES 2010 is about 3D HDTV television equipment and how this is going to change the way that consumers view satellite and cable TV in the future, the real battle for 3D HDTV technology is taking place elsewhere.

It seems that the television itself will not be the problem despite costing around £1,000, and the real issue is the 3D glasses market.

This is the sector where the battle for 3D HDTV supremacy is going to take place because although households think nothing about spending £1,000 to £1,500 on a television, paying £1 or more for 3D glasses could be the deal breaker of 21st century.

The problem is there are several designs and formats for the glasses.

Some are battery powered and can cost up to £20 a pair which, for a family, is a serious additional cost.

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