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January 19, 2010

TV Snooker to be revamped

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by David Allen

Until colour televisions became popular snooker was almost nonexistent on TV; it just didn’t work.

But as colour TV was launched, snooker’s growth was meteoric and yet recently the sport has been struggling.

Enter, Barry Hearne!

The man that gave snooker its stars and glam is back and he is currently discussing a plan with the BBC.

The problem that snooker has is that some of the games run on for too long.

Viewers do not want to sit down for several hours as they just do not have the time any more.

So it seems that the game will be getting a few tweaks to make it fast and exciting for the viewers.

One idea is a “One Frame Shoot Out” with 64 players and a prize of £32,000!

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