So viewers thought that Freeview HD was actually free!

January 20, 2010

As broadcasters scramble to launch high definition versions of their channels, it is understandable that many viewers are going to be excited at watching some of their favourite shows in crystal clear quality.

But as with all things, it seems that switching on HD with Freeview is not actually going to be free after all.

Even viewers who have recently bought the latest “HD Ready” televisions with built in Freeview could find that HD Ready does not really mean exactly that.

According to industry experts, there are around 28 million Freeview set top boxes and TVs with built in Freeview tuners that will need an upgrade in order to receive the new HD channels.

This could cost anything between £170 to £200.


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  1. david says:

    bit unfair really, we have to upgrade all our hardware while other countries use the dvbt which we already use to recieve hd channels, why do we have to use dvb t2? i really hope virgin and sky undercut and compete with the ripoff freeviewhd boxes

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