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January 22, 2010

Snaps of Asus DR-950 e-reader appear

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by Darren Allan

Asus has put some photos of its upcoming DR-950 e-reader on the web.

The device is a slim affair, sporting a 9 inch black and white 1024 x 768 display. It’s a touchscreen affair, of course, with just three small buttons nestling under the screen.

It is thought to be packing 4GB of memory, with both wi-fi and 3G supported.

The DR-950 will also have some fancy features, such as text to speech, and a virtual keyboard that can be typed on via its display.

Kindle look out. Having said that, if tablets turn out to be as popular as the experts are touting them for 2010, competition between e-reading devices may be irrelevant as they might all fall by the wayside.

Story link: Snaps of Asus DR-950 e-reader appear

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