Who will take over from Rupert Murdoch?

January 27, 2010

For a lot of people the fact that Rupert Murdoch is making plans for whoever will succeed him as head of News Corp will not mean much, but for subscribers to satellite TV and readers of News Corp’s newspapers, this will have an effect on television and newspaper production in the UK.

For many people James Murdoch would seem to make the best candidate as he knows the business inside out and has been given the best training available by the man himself.

However it was James Murdoch’s plan to buy the 17.9 per cent stake in rival broadcaster ITV, something that appears to have cost BSkyB anything between £500 million and £600 million due to the share prices hitting rock bottom.

Just as Rupert Murdoch changed the media in the UK, his successor could make a equally huge difference to broadcasting in the UK.


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