Archos 7 tablet details leaked

Darren Allan

January 28, 2010

While it’s true that the launch of a certain other tablet has rather stolen everyone’s attention, the details of another have been leaked out onto the net.

The Archos 7 tablet is an Android powered affair which comes with 8GB of memory.

It’s the next step up from the Archos 5, and it features a bigger 7 inch display. The other extra it has over the Archos 5 – and indeed the iPad – is a webcam.

That’s the extent of the specification details currently available, although the price has also been mentioned.

And it’s reportedly a very budget friendly sounding £150. Apparently it should hit the stores in March, at around the same time as the iPad.

It could well be an option for those who are tempted to join in with the “year of the tablet”, but don’t want to fork out a few hundred for Apple’s effort.


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  1. phill says:

    not interested.

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