O2 and Orange to bag the iPad?

Darren Allan

January 29, 2010

The blaze of iPad related gossip continues to burn strongly, and the latest snippet concerns which mobile operators will stock the device when it comes to the UK.

This rumour is based on the micro-sim card the iPad uses for mobile broadband, which as the name suggests, is a mini version of a standard sim card.

Those of you with an existing sim card won’t be able to simply lob it into your new iPad, unfortunately. You’ll need one of the micro-sims.

And it just so happens that O2 and Orange have reportedly placed orders for these micro-sim cards in large quantities.

This could mean that these firms have a joint exclusive on the iPad – but equally, they could simply be buying stock up as they know people will need these cards.

As ever, we’ll find out soon enough. O2 would certainly be keen to secure some manner of hold on the iPad, as it had the UK exclusive on the iPhone and did very well out of it.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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  1. spartan says:

    micro sims are electronically the same as a normal sim. just cut a normal sim down with a sharp knife to the correct shape, it should work ok.

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