Will iBooks be coming to the UK?

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

The e-reader app for Apple’s new iPad, predictably named iBooks, might not make it over this side of the pond.

According to various reports floating around on the net, Apple hasn’t been able to confirm that iBooks will be available in the UK.

There is also a disclaimer on Apple’s website, at the foot of the iPad features page, which says: “iBooks is available only in the U.S.”

However, PC Pro spoke to an Apple representative, who said: “iBooks will be available in the UK, but the timing of that will not be announced until the iPad goes on sale.”

So, the picture isn’t clear by any means, but hopefully we will get iBooks, it just might not be for some time.

Meantime, we shall have to make do with the alternative e-reader apps that will be available.

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