Apple iPad will have a camera?

Darren Allan

When the iPad launched last week, we commented that there were two main things missing from Apple’s new gadget.

The first was a lack of support for Flash, and the second was the fact that there was no camera.

Although, as we said at the time, the latter was probably due to trying to keep the price down.

However, it seems that the iPad may have a camera, after all – or at least a second version of the tablet may have.

Rumours have been fuelled by a number of sources on the web, who have pointed to a few facts.

The main one of which is that in a screen grab of Steve Jobs holding the iPad at the launch event, there appears to be a webcam-like dot above the display.

This could have been a prototype version Jobs was demonstrating, and in the future Apple could perhaps launch a second version of the iPad with a camera.

Further speculation has been stoked by another screen shot, this time of the iPad emulator in the software development kit. This shows an “Add photo-Take Photo” option, which again points to a camera.

A repair company, which has been provided with parts for the iPad by Apple, has also posted pictures of the device’s internal metal frame. And there appears to be a webcam shaped hole at the top, which a camera the Mission Repair guys pulled from a Unibody MacBook fits.

All of which adds up to a fairly solid case that the iPad will carry a camera in a future model. It’s all still speculation, of course, but we’d imagine we’ll hear something one way or another from Apple soon.

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