Adobe hits back over Apple’s Flash comments

Darren Allan

February 5, 2010

Remember how we reported at the start of the week about Steve Jobs unfavourable comments regarding Google?

Well, he also tarred Adobe in the same meeting, so reports state, calling the Flash developer “lazy” and the application “buggy”.

Which is why the iPad doesn’t support the web multimedia standard.

However, Adobe has now hit back at Apple, with CTO Kevin Lynch taking the time to address the issue on the company blog.

He began by saying: “Some have been surprised at the lack of inclusion of Flash Player on a recent magical device.”

And he went on to add that apparently Flash was designed with tablet computers in mind, some 15 years ago.

Lynch cited the fact that 85% of the “top web sites” contained Flash content, and that Apple was really missing out by failing to support it on the iPad (and indeed iPhone).

Lynch wrote: “We are now on the verge of delivering Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones with all but one of the top manufacturers.

This includes Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry, Nokia, Palm Pre and many others across form factors including not only smartphones but also tablets, netbooks, and internet-connected TVs.”

Regarding the issue of Flash and instability, he later commented: “Regarding crashing, I can tell you that we don’t ship Flash with any known crash bugs, and if there was such a widespread problem historically, Flash could not have achieved its wide use today.”

The comments thread on the post has certainly sparked a heated debate. You can have a read for yourself, if you’ve got some spare time, at:


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