Original Xbox Live support switched off

Darren Allan

February 5, 2010

Microsoft has announced it will no longer support Xbox Live on the original Xbox console.

So anyone who still games online using one of the old, faithful chunky black boxes, only has until mid-April to keep on playing.

Come April 15th, the service will be switched off.

While this should come as no real surprise given how old the Xbox is – the Xbox 360 has been out for over four years now – it’s important to note that support for the actual original Xbox games is being discontinued.

In other words, original Xbox games will no longer be playable on the Xbox 360 online as well.

An Xbox Live representative commented that the reason for the switch off was to “continue evolving the Live service with new features and experiences that fully harness the power of Xbox 360.”

He added: “This decision will allow us unprecedented flexibility for future features.”


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  1. Chris West says:

    Well although this doesn’t seem important. All this on Demand stuff and games you buy for the 360 online when Micro$oft discontinue the 360 you will find yourself not being able to play all the games you have paid for. In other words only buy on disk games from Micro$oft as you could find you can’t play them any more.

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