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February 5, 2010

Tektronix brings new products to NAB 2010

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by Jan Harris

The new VQNet™ Video Service Assurance Manager and IPM400A network probe, are designed to empower cable, telco and broadcast operators to proactively detect and resolve customer impacting problems across their IP networks.

Providing views across entire facilities and networks, VQNet™ can be incorporated into existing workflows.

It presents key information in terms operation staff can easily understand and take action to resolve.

This is made possible through an intuitive user interface that displays warnings and alarms when it detects errors impacting customer viewing quality.

To further assist operators, the software can display video thumbnails from multiple points in the network and can backhaul video and audio content from any probe in the network.

For more difficult problems, engineers are able to easily see detailed information on the root cause of issues at the IP, RF or TS layers at any point in the network.

Working in concert with the VQNet™ management software, Tektronix delivers a powerful and scalable probe architecture.

This includes the IPM400A concurrent probe that provides real-time analysis of all video and audio content within a GigE link, and the MTM400A directed diagnostic probe which provides deep analysis capability for ASI and QAM, COFDM and DVB-S/S2 RF links.

This architecture gives operators unprecedented scalability in depth of measurement and visibility across their head-end network.

VQNet™ also supports the Tektronix RFM300 8-VSB probe for ATSC transmission and ingest monitoring.

The IPM400A can monitor up to 500 IP flows (sessions) and all essential parameters including TS errors, IP packet inter-arrival time (PIT) and MDI.

This ensures IP and TS integrity across a broad set of video services on even a fully loaded GigE link.

New High-Performance 3G-SDI Waveform Monitors
The WFM8200 and WFM8300 advanced waveform monitors provide high quality, real-time, automated 3Gb/s SDI Eye pattern display and jitter measurements that help broadcasters and network operators effectively diagnose signal problems and help equipment designers and manufacturers reduce time to market of new 3G-SDI products.

The WFM8300 (with Option PHY) also provides multi-rate HD/SD-SDI and 3G-SDI (with Option 3G) color bar and pathological signal generation capabilities that provide engineers with a simple signal source for quick signal path verification during system and equipment setup and troubleshooting.

The new models also feature notable advances in color grading with new patented Luma Qualified Vector (LQV™) and Spearhead Gamut displays.

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