CEOP and Microsoft produce child-friendly browser

Darren Allan

February 9, 2010

Internet Explorer could do with some good publicity, what with all the security problems it has recently been dogged with.

And as if by magic, the web wizards at Microsoft have combined forces with CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre) to produce something positive with the browser. Although not IE6, obviously.

The two organisations have put their heads together to bring forth a kid-friendly custom version of Internet Explorer 8.

The browser has a CEOP panel in the toolbar, enabling users to access instant help and advice on staying safe on the net, as well as the ability to report anything dodgy.

It provides links to advice not only regarding inappropriate behaviour or content, but also issues such as viruses, hacking and cyber-bullying.

The Click Clever, Click Safe version of Internet Explorer 8 is available from the CEOP website at:

If you already have IE8, you can download the CEOP button to add to your toolbar.

This measure is part of the EU’s “Safer Internet Day”, which is an “annual event to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones.”


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  1. John J says:

    This is extremely misleading – it is NOT a child friendly browser, it is IE8 with some pre-loaded links to Ceops. This will give parents the false impression that there is some kind of filter or added child protection in the browser and actually put more kids in danger. Extremely misleading and dangerous marketing.

  2. Rossano Ferraris says:

    Addressing Internet issues directly with children is an excellent initiative, so that they can understand, in a form familiar to them, the perils in the internet jungle.

    However, this campaign is not enough if children are not also supported up by the protection of their parents.

    Parents should consider the campaign as additional support to the education they provide on how to safely use the internet and not as a replacement.

    Parents must understand some Golden Rules to reduce and avoid dangers to their children.
    The following safety tips will help protect your children:

    1. Know your computer – it is important for parents to know how a computer works and how the internet works. A parent should be able to read the history of websites visited in order to block unwanted websites

    2. Avoid isolation of children – though children need their privacy, hours spent alone in a bedroom before a computer are not advisable

    3. Place the computer in an open area – this will make it easier to supervise your child whilst they are online

    4. Schedule time on the Internet

    Additionally we also need to consider that technology, represented by parental control software, could be of help to automate and modulate the daily operations which can be allowed or denied within a computer connected to internet

    Rossano Ferraris, CA ISBU Research Team

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