Google prepares real-time status updates

Darren Allan

February 9, 2010

Social networking behemoths Facebook and Twitter won’t be too worried, not yet anyway, but Google is making moves towards their territory via Gmail.

The plan is to incorporate real-time status updates into Gmail, so folks can stay in touch with everyone in their contacts book via a stream of updates (or indeed, a stream of garbage, as often turns out to be the case).

Google will announce this new development tomorrow, or so claims the Wall Street Journal.

The status updates will be private, apparently, so you won’t be able to have a nose around anyone’s thoughts and/or actions as you can on Twitter. Only friends will be able to view them.

Eventually, the plan would seem to be the facilitation of easier content sharing, with the updates making a convenient platform for swapping links to Google’s media sites such as YouTube.

Although, as experts point out, Google has a long way to go before it could seriously think about competing with the social networking giants.


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