Ironkey and Actividentity bring stronger authentication to enterprise devices

Jan Harris
Jan Harris -

IronKey and ActivIdentity Corporation today announced that they have teamed to deliver a comprehensive solution that enables government agencies and enterprises to utilize Common Access Card (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials as a second factor when authenticating to an IronKey multifunction security device.

Integration with the ActivIdentity ActivClient™ smart card middleware enables a second factor when authenticating to an IronKey device.

This provides not only strong authentication, but significantly streamlines IronKey activation, making it even easier to deploy the devices.

Many US Government agencies, including those of the Department of Defense (DoD), rely upon ActivIdentity for their CAC/ PIV authentication solution.

By working with ActivIdentity, IronKey becomes interoperable with all ActivIdentity CAC/PIV implementations in the U.S. Government, DoD, and elsewhere.

In addition to using the CAC/PIV smart card to unlock an IronKey device, once the CAC/PIV smart card has been removed from the associated PC, the IronKey device is automatically locked.

“We are pleased to team with IronKey to deliver proven technology that will add strategic value to our customers,” said Jerome Becquart, vice president of products and services at ActivIdentity.

“We believe our combined solution will not only help to solve current challenges for our customers but also create future growth opportunities as the market evolves.”

“This is a great example of two world-class technology leaders coming together to benefit their common customers – ActivIdentity for CAC/PIV authentication, and IronKey for secure, portable, centrally managed storage,” said Steve Ryan, senior vice president of business development at IronKey.

“Our relationship with ActivIdentity enables us to deliver a sophisticated authentication solution that, when combined with an IronKey device, strengthens security, reduces organizational risk, and provides convenience for IronKey government customers.”

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